Reset Ftf Files, Sony Xperia

C6903 Sony Xperia Z1 -14.4.A.0.108_lock Remove .ftf

C6903 Sony Xperia Z1 Pattern Lock Remove FTF File

How To Remove Pattern Lock From Sony Xperia
Hard Reset Solution

How to Flash a FTF File with Flashtool!

1-Go to where you installed flashtool and then to the drivers folder.
2-Run the Flashtool-drivers.exe file.
3-select “your drivers”, flashmode and fastboot drivers.

4-Accept all the prompts and once Finished load Flashtool

5-Now select flashmode
6-Now click the “…” button

7-browse to the folder where the FTF is and press “open”
8-Now click the “…” button

9-Switch your phone off and press and hold the back button or( vol-) while connecting usb lead (Green LED)
10-It should start flashing and once done will say “Complete”, Reboot and your done.
Congratulations you have now successfully flashed a FTF file using flashtool.

Hard Reset with FTF


Download and install the Flashtool package Flashtool-


Flashtool-drivers For Sony Device


Hard Reset with FTF

Download FTF

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