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    Qorvo is a place where our interns thrive. Our growing program gives you a chance to be an active participant in collaborating, designing and developing Qorvo solutions for a wide variety of applications. If you're interested in working side-by-side with innovative people changing the world, read the frequently asked questions below for more details.

    • Who is eligible? Currently enrolled undergraduates and graduate students in an accredited program with plans to return to school. Other requirements will vary by position and be clearly outlined in the posting.
    • How long are your internships? A typical summer internship is 10-12 weeks long (May-August). Longer internships are available and are outlined in the job description.
    • What internships are available? To view our current openings for interns, visit our Job Search page and either select "Interns" under Job Type or "Internship" under Experience Level.
    • How do I apply for an internship? Once you've found an internship you're interested in via our Job Search page and either select "Interns" under Job Type or "Internship" under Experience Level.
    Qorvo Interns

    next-genNextGen is a Qorvo Employee Network (QNet) group of Qorvo influencers – coming together with diverse backgrounds, skills and mindsets. The aim: to cultivate an environment that inspires the next generation of employees. This group seeks to continue the company’s legacy of being an awesome place to work by enriching and encouraging each other through an exchange of ideas and shared experiences.

    Interns Making a Difference

    They're called "interns," but being part of Qorvo presents great opportunity to gain valuable experience and to also contribute to the success of our global team. Find out below and in this video how Qorvo interns have played vital roles in the company, what they learned, and what sparked their interest in joining Qorvo after they finished their degree.


    I feel lucky that my full-time position wasn't a big leap from what I was doing as an intern. For me, it allowed for a smooth transition from academics into the corporate environment.

    - Will, Test Engineer

    My decision to work for Qorvo was based on the company culture, cutting-edge environment, and the constant challenges. I was awestruck by the products and always had an interest and subsequent respect for their intricacies. The fast-paced and ever-changing prototype lab provided me with many opportunities to make an impactful change in a manufacturing environment, which is my passion.

    - Wesley, Manufacturing Equipment Engineer

    The internship program was well organized and managed. Activities such as the Lunch & Learns and intern outings gave me a clear vision of the company and a glimpse of what it would be like to be a full-time Qorvo employee.

    - Ramiro, Senior Design Engineer

    My internship was a solid transition from theory to tangible, hands-on application, and provided the shift from small-scale equipment to commercial-size machines. It taught me about how priorities can quickly change and your focus needs to change with them. It also improved my skill and knowledge level beyond my expectations.

    - Marek, Manufacturing Equipment Engineer

    My internship prepared me for my current job by providing me with good foundational knowledge in BAW technology. I was also blown away by the unique technology that Qorvo Biotechnologies was developing and how that technology being implemented in the market.

    - Emma, Research Scientist Engineer

    What I learned during my internship made it easy to transition to my current position. I was amply prepared as I was already familiar with the processes and knowledge that I needed to move things forward.

    - Trent, Product Quality Engineer


    The opportunity to work on these in-depth projects has shaped me into a well-founded engineer. My internship prepared me professionally and enabled me to bring previous experience in research and semiconductor devices to my current Qorvo role.

    - Ryan, PCM Devices Test Engineer


    My manager, my mentor, and the entire team taught me so much about the tools, challenges and the solutions one faces when you design in reality versus what you learn in college. This was vital to my successes as an intern, as well as in my new role at Qorvo.

    - Navneet, Mobile Products Electrical Design Engineer

    I couldn't have asked for a better intern role to ultimately prepare me for my first job out of college — specifically the job I now have. It gave me the big picture about the RF market by exploring the possibilities for advanced technologies and exciting applications like 5G.

    - Reilly, Program Manager

    Dive right in to making a difference with your degree. Recent college graduates who work at Qorvo become fully immersed in their professions the moment they step through our doors. With ample opportunity to contribute, Qorvo provides the right mix of entrepreneurial spirit and established experience as an industry leader.

    Here's what some employees — who were hired right out of college — have to say about being a part of the Qorvo global team.

    Meet Some Recent Grads


    After graduate school, I was searching for a place that would challenge me and energize me. I definitely found it at Qorvo and it's my favorite part of my job. I grew up in Hong Kong, a busy, culturally diverse metropolis. Living in a place where you're exposed to so many people and situations taught me adaptability and resilience. Both of these qualities will serve me well in this exciting work environment.

    - Alexis, Marketing Communications Specialist

    I got my wish at Qorvo: challenging work and Icons learning. The learning comes not only from the work I do on the designs, but also through the encouragement, support and guidance of my colleagues. They are always approachable and ready to help.

    - Monisha, RFIC Design Engineer

    I've always been persistent, and since working in the data science environment, I've become a quick learner. Team brainstorming is essential for my projects and I find it so enlightening — it's one of my favorite parts of my job.

    - Saikrupa, Data Science Engineer

    I was very impressed by the company culture. I also admired Qorvo's strong standing in the RF industry and the growth potential for the company and its employees. A position opened that fit my experience and interest and I jumped on it.

    - Julie, Facilities Engineer

    We collaborate with university professors, researchers and students to advance next-generation communications. Whether it's designing solutions to go into space or new developments in process technology, our partnerships result in insights and internship opportunities for real-world engineering applications.

    At Qorvo, we collaborate with university professors, researchers and students in the advancement of RF solutions. From breakthroughs in GaN on diamond to the Pluto New Horizons spacecraft, our partnerships with key universities result in new insights for real-world engineering applications.

    These opportunities provide researchers and students with a rich experience and first-hand knowledge of developing, producing and advancing gallium arsenide (GaAs), gallium nitride (GaN), silicon, and surface acoustic and bulk acoustic wave (SAW / BAW) technologies.

    Tech Connect

    In addition to internship opportunities, our partnerships can take many forms:

    • Working with professors and university research centers to develop advanced technologies for our industry, as well as SAW and BAW device modeling and material research
    • Sponsoring scholarships at varying levels of education where the resulting field of study aligns with Qorvo's vision
    • Providing design kits, foundry services and technical / educational support for RF-related classes at universities
    • Teaching adjunct classes and giving guest lectures at universities where the curriculum matches our expertise
    • Participating in recruiting events or sitting on the industrial advisory board for various schools and often advising on curriculum
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